EDITORS An updated list of candidates is attached. In the event of rain, the outdoor portion will be moved into the University Student Union.

Today’s primary candidates fair (Feb. 23) at California State University, Fresno will include representatives of U.S. Senate incumbent Barbara Boxer and challenger Bill Jones as well as representatives for Congressional candidates George Radanovich and Lisa Quigley.

The fair also includes several candidates in the Fresno City Council and mayoral races.

The two-part event, “Candidates Fair 2004” sponsored by the Political Science

Association at Fresno State, will begin in the Free Speech Area and run from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The candidates will meet students and distribute their campaign material.

Then at 2:30 p.m. in the University Student Union, Room 312, each candidate will deliver a five-minute speech about their political stands and aims, after which the audience will get five minutes to direct their queries and questions to the candidate.

Both sessions are free and open to the public.

“The purpose of the fair is to give Fresno State students and faculty along with the members of the community an opportunity to interact with the candidates who are asking for their votes,” said Kym Leyva, president of the Political Science Association.

The event is part of a campaign by the Political Science Association to encourage students to participate in the primary elections as well the general election in November.

In addition to a Voter Registration Drive held recently on campus, the political

science students are also visiting classes, meeting with the faculty, distributing flyers

and setting up information booths at various places on campus to ensure maximum student participation in the elections, Leyva added.

The fair is co-sponsored by the Civic Engagement Valley Regional Project (CEVRP), which is part of a one-year grant under Campus Compact’s California Student Action for Change Initiative designed to study and support student civic involvement.

Leyva and her organization, in association with the Fresno chapter of the League of Women Voters, are also working with Fresno County officials to set up a voting booth on campus for the November elections.

For more information contact Leyva at (559) 271- 7774 or (210) 473- 2700 or e-mail: candidatesfair2004@hotmail.com.

University Relations student intern Ravneet Padda contributed to this copy.