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March 27, 2009


Student-produced ‘Timeout Dog Biscuit’ introduced Saturday at Farm Market

Timeout gets a preview of the new dog biscuits named in his honor by Fresno State dietetics majors, from left Bai Vang, Carolyn Pearce and Jenea Cox. The new student product will be unveiled at the Gibson Farm Market March 28.


Bai Vang prepares new Timeout Gourmet Dog Biscuits.


Carolyn Pearce puts a tray of new Timeout Gourmet Dog Biscuits into the oven.

Sip your award-winning Fresno State wine, dip into some award-winning Fresno State olive oil and barbeque your award-winning Fresno State meat.

Then throw your beloved doggie a … Timeout Gourmet Dog Biscuit – the latest student-produced product to hit the Gibson Farm Market on campus (Barstow and Chestnut Avenues).

Produced by three dietetics majors in the Food Science and Nutrition Department, the new doggie treat will be formally unveiled at 3 p.m. on Saturday, March 28, at the market.

Victor E. Bulldog, the university’s live mascot, will make an appearance at the unveiling to take the first official bite of the new product named for the other well-known symbol of Fresno State, Timeout.

On Friday morning, students baked and packaged the new biscuits in the Food Processing Research Laboratory on campus.

A package of six biscuits sells for $2. Based on a pilot batch, which sold out, this latest student product should be a smash hit.

The doggie treat was created by students Carolyn Pearce of Reedley, Bai Vang of Madera, and Jenea Cox of Fresno as part of Dr. Dennis Ferris’ Cost Analysis in Food Systems Management class. Students practice skills and techniques learned in this class and others – product development and cost analysis and control, food systems management, computer applications and purchasing – to develop unique new products to sell at the Gibson Farm Market.

Ferris’ class of about 30 students break into teams of three to four. They first survey the clientele at the market, then after developing a recipe, they scale it up to meet the needs of the clientele. They are also required to develop a business plan and keep all financial records for the project. At the end of the exercise, they present the results in an oral report.

Other products in the class include buttermilk honey wheat bread, Oreo/peanut butter truffles, peanut butter cookie, Oatmeal Delight cookies, Caramel Paw-Corn, banana bread, and chocolate zucchini muffins.

The Timeout biscuit is described as an all natural, gourmet dog biscuit made with whole wheat flour and corn meal base, eggs (pasteurized), small amount of brown sugar, corn oil, water flavored with cinnamon and vanilla.

And if your dog doesn’t like it, you can always give it a shot yourself. The use of pasteurized eggs makes the product safe for human consumption, said Pearce.

The Pearce-Vang-Cox team decided on the Timeout Gourmet Dog Biscuit because it wanted to develop “a new and unique product to tap into an unaddressed market share” and generate additional foot traffic into the Gibson Farm Market.

“Our purpose is to create a unique product to generate a new demographic of sales in the Gibson Farm Market,” Pearce said. She said this will be the first time the Gibson Farm Market will sell a product that is not just for humans.

“While there are as many as 43 pet supply stores in the area there is only one phone book listing for gourmet pet offerings,” she said. “This is a promising statistic for sales and open-ended growth in the market.

“The pet food market has been under some threats in the recent past because of poor quality food coming from China, causing many beloved pet deaths,” Pearce said. “This and the climate of people becoming more interested in buying local and knowing the sources of our own food can only carry over into the pet food market including gourmet treats.”

All products that are marketed at the Gibson Farm Market meet or exceed federal and state food safety and quality standards.

Proceeds from sale of this and other student-produced products helps in supporting the teaching and research mission for the College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology and enhances the student's learning experience.

Also this weekend, the Gibson Farm Market will host the Fresno County Wine Journey from 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. on Saturday, March 28, and 11 a.m. - 6 p.m. on Sunday, March 29. Participants may take the Wine Trolley to six area wineries, including Fresno State, for tastings of wine and food. For prices and details: www.fresnowines.com.

For more information about the biscuits, contact Ferris at 559.278.2164 or Farm Market manager Jennifer Soberialski at 559.278.4511.


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