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President's Update

Campus budget meetingOct. 8, 2012

President Welty hosted a budget information session on October 8, 2012, providing an overview of the 2012-13 and 2013-14 campus budget, including issues that will be addressed during the 2012-13 academic year.

Vice President for Administration Cynthia Teniente-Matson reviewed the Level A allocation process and Dr. Dennis Nef and Dr. John Constable discussed how the budget is allocated through the Level B process.

Click here to see a Powerpoint from the session.

Budget update from President Welty – August 17, 2012

President John D. Welty says the 2012-13 academic year will be a time of unprecedented uncertainty at Fresno State and also one of great opportunity to make historic changes to help sustain the university’s mission in the future.

In his annual Fall Assembly address on Friday, Aug. 17, Welty lauded employees for their dedication “to provide opportunities for students to achieve their dreams.”

But he added, “Keeping that in mind will be particularly important in what we know will be a challenging year that will test our ability as a university community to stay focused on our priorities and our mission.”

The biggest uncertainty for Fresno State and the 22 other California State University campuses, Welty said, is Gov. Brown’s tax initiative, Proposition 30. If voters don’t approve the measure, it would trigger a cut of $13.2 million from Fresno State’s current 2012-13 fiscal plan. The entire CSU system would lose $250 million.

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Budget update from President Welty – July 13, 2012

The CSU Board of Trustees meets on Tuesday, July 17, to discuss our budget options, including alternatives to begin addressing the $250 million “trigger” cut should the governor’s initiative fail in November. If that becomes reality, the board faces some very difficult choices to deal with the trigger, and the alternatives will involve shared pain for everyone.

Trustees will be provided information on several options to begin the discussion. It is not anticipated they will take any action on budget options until the next meeting in September.

Options that will be presented to the board on Tuesday include a $150 per semester tuition fee increase if the governor’s initiative fails, a 2.5% to 5.25% percent pay and benefit reduction for all faculty, staff and administrators and enrollment reductions. In addition, the board will also consider using prior year savings and new strategies to encourage students to complete their degree in a timelier manner, with fewer excess units and to ensure access to courses for more students.

If you would like to review the entire board agenda, click here. Details about the budget alternatives are in the Finance Committee report.

I will keep our campus community informed with updates as they are available.

Budget update from President Welty – July 2, 2012

The Governor has signed the state’s 2012-13 budget.

As anticipated the budget proposes that the California State University be funded at the same level as the year just ended, provided that the Governor’s tax initiative passes on Nov. 6. If the initiative fails, though, the budget contains a trigger that would result in a $250 million reduction for the California State University.This would result in an approximate reduction of $13 million for Fresno State.

But as the budget deadline loomed, the Legislature adopted a trailer bill for the CSU and UC systems, which states that if the systems maintained tuition at the 2011-12 level, each system would receive $125 million additional dollars in 2013-14 if the Governor’s initiative passes

The Governor and legislative leaders are aware that complying with this condition would require our Board of Trustees to rescind its action of last November to raise tuition for the 2012-13 year.

The Chancellor’s Office believes the board could comply by taking action at its September meeting to rescind the tuition fee increase for the full 2012-13 academic year contingent on voter enactment of the November tax measure.

Under this scenario, campuses would begin processing refunds or credits for Fall 2012 shortly after passage of the tax measure. Students registering for Spring 2013 would pay the rates in effect for 2011-12. However, if the tax measure fails, the currently authorized tuition fee rates would remain in place for Fall and Spring.

Rescinding the tuition increase would create a one-time hole in the CSU’s operating budget of $132 million for 2012-13. While, the $125 million base appropriation in 2013-14 would cover about 95 percent of the ongoing loss from the decision to roll back tuition, it would not compensate for the one-time loss in 2012-13.

Our campus budget plan calls for us to use central reserves and carry forward funds to cover the reduction in the budget should the tax initiative fail. This will allow us to allocate the same level of funding to schools, colleges and divisions as we have allocated for the 2011-12 year. This approach has been reviewed and endorsed by the Academic Senate Expanded Executive Committee.

The CSU Board of Trustees will discuss the system’s budget situation at their July meeting and providing direction for additional steps that should be taken to address our very difficult fiscal situation.

Another last-minute state budget change will affect some of our students directly. The Governor blue lined a provision in the budget bill, which will have the effect of reducing Cal Grants for some students by 5% for the coming Academic Year.

I will continue to provide updates on the budget situation through the summer as information becomes available.

Budget update from President Welty – June 19, 2012

While the Legislature approved a budget bill and six “trailer” measures Friday (June 15) to meet the constitutional deadline, many issues remain unresolved. Democratic leaders and Gov. Jerry Brown are expected to continue working on working out their differences — a gap of several hundred million dollars — this week, with a goal of getting the remaining language to the governor’s desk by June 30.

It appears the California State University will face a $250 million trigger cut if the governor’s tax measure is rejected by voters this November.

Fresno State’s share of the cut is now estimated at $13.2 million.

I plan to propose to the Academic Senate Expanded Executive Committee that for the 2012-13 year the reductions be handled using carryforward funds from centrally managed accounts. That means that allocations to the divisions would remain the same as this year.

As I have said previously, the most immediate impact of such a reduction will be enrollment consequences. We have already determined that no new students will be admitted for spring 2013, which is a distressing course of action at a time when record numbers of applicants are applying to Fresno State.

In addition to the impact of a cut in 2012-13, I am deeply concerned about 2013-14 and beyond. I know that many of our faculty and staff are already stretched to the limit, and we may be faced with making very difficult choices.

Budget Update from President Welty – May 30, 2012

The state’s disinvestment in higher education has put the entire university in a very difficult position. We have made significant adjustments at all levels, and will continue to do so to meet the challenges ahead.

I communicated with a faculty member recently regarding issues of concern and I would like to explain the following:

There is a perception that Fresno State is “top-heavy” and continues to add administrators.

In reality, we are not adding new Vice-Presidents and Assistant Vice-Presidents and we have combined a number of administrative functions:

  • Associate Provost and Associate Vice President for Continuing Education positions are being handled by one person.
  • Dean of Health and Human Services and Dean of Natural Sciences and Math responsibilities currently are being handled by one person.
  • Dean of Graduate Studies and the Director of Educational Leadership Doctoral Program duties are handled by one person.
  • Dean of Undergraduate Studies and the Director of Academic Resources responsibilities are handled by one person.
  • AVP/Dean of Students is also handling the Judicial Affairs role.
  • AVP for Facilities Management is now handling all risk management and environmental health and safety.
  • AVP for Human Resources is now handling payroll and workers compensation.
  • Chief of Police is now handling emergency preparedness and business continuity planning.
  • Vice President for Administration is handling Senior Director of Technology and University Audit functions.
  • Manager of Custodial Services position was expanded to also include grounds with a title change to Manager of Custodial and Grounds
  • Vice President for University Advancement is also handling the duties of the Director of Government Relations.
  • AVP for University Communications is also handling the duties of the Director of News Services.
  • Executive Director of Advancement Services is also handling the duties of the Director of Advancement Operations.

We are replacing these positions held by persons retiring: Associate Vice President of Academic Personnel, Payroll Manager, and Associate Director for Planning & Administration in Facilities Management.

We are replacing Director of International Programs who is retiring and the position is being elevated to an Assistant Vice President to reflect the fact that we are going to aggressively recruit international students.

People believe that international student recruitment negatively impacts resident student enrollment by taking seats away from them.

In reality, the number of international students that we enroll has no impact on the number of resident students. International students are not part of our state budget funding formula, and in fact, because they pay the full cost of their education (no state funds), this will generate additional revenue, which can be used to add classes, etc. That is why we are intensifying our recruitment of international students.

May 14, 2012Governor proposes $250 million ‘trigger’ cut for CSU

Mar. 22, 2012Details of today’s Budget Summit and presentation slides have been posted. Please see the additional downloads tab below.

Mar. 20, 2012 – President Welty will hold a budget forum 10-11:30 a.m. Thursday, March 22, in the Satellite Student Union. The forum will address the 2012-13 budget plan, as well as prospects for 2013-14.

Mar. 6, 2012 – Revised Budget Task Force Recommendations were posted along with a summary of budget activities for 2008/09 through 2011/12, and Net Level A allocations spreadsheet. Please click on the “Additional Resources” tab below to access the documents.

Feb. 21, 2012 – President Welty is meeting with the university budget committee Wednesday afternoon, February 22 to discuss the 2012-13 budget.

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