Theresa Milavich, supervisor for the city of Fresno’s Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Services, has been chosen as Alumni of the Year by the Department of Recreation, Administration and Leisure Studies at California State University, Fresno.

Milavich was recognized for her contributions to the field of recreation and to the Fresno community at the department’s annual graduation ceremony on May 18.

Each year the department recognizes community leaders who have made outstanding efforts to address the recreational needs of residents in the Central California region.

In more than 19 years with the city department, Milavich has developed and enhanced multiple free recreation and community service programs benefiting all age groups.

“Our mission is that the community is provided with recreation experiences that meet their physical, cultural and social needs,” said Milavich.

She also works closely with the university’s Department of Recreation, Administration and Leisure Studies, encouraging students to build upon their knowledge base through work experience. On average, she supervises six permanent part-time recreation leaders and up to 10 temporary service aides.

“I think it is ironic that I am getting an award for being given the privilege of working with bright, energetic, up and coming professionals,” Milavich said in accepting the award. “Thank you for your endorsement of my efforts. I look forward to many more rewarding encounters with the staff and students.”