The “Smarty Pints” team of Fresno won Fresno State’s second ‘Dog Bowl Ice Cream eating championship at the Fresno State Farm Festival on Saturday at the Rue and Gwen Gibson Farm Market.

Alumni Manuel and Horacio Ibarra joined with brother Esteban and brother-in-law Javier Huerta in finishing their 12 scoops – two pounds – of Fresno State ice cream first, beating eight other teams in the contest.

The Smarty Pints’ slogan was “No Scoop Left Behind,” said team manager Mireya Huerta, wife of Horacio.

The 2014 ice cream champs were each presented gold medallions by Dr. Charles Boyer, dean of the Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology, who was a judge along with Debbie Adishian-Astone, associate vice president of auxiliary operations.

The winners were each given a Gibson Farm Market gift basket containing a succulent plant and a free floral arrangement from the Fresno State Nursery, a free half-pint of Fresno State ice cream, two bowling passes and packages of Princess raisins, cinnamon glazed almonds, beef snack sticks, Bulldog Bark chocolate bars.

Second- winners for the contest, which commemorates National Ice Cream Month now underway across the country, were the “Gibson Gobblers” made up of Fresno State students Joseph Rodrigues, Caitlin O’Connell, Cathy Heinrich and Myles Scott.

Third-place went to the “Farm Freeze” made up of Fresno State students Teighlor Baugher, Patrick Wilke, Vincente Amparano and recent graduate JL DeYoung.