Fresno State’s Theatre for Young Audiences will present free performances of “The Frog Prince” at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Saturday, April 16, at the Dennis and Cheryl Woods Theatre in the University’s Speech Arts Building.

The touring production will also be at Fresno State for four sold-out shows on April 14 and 15 to perform “The Frog Prince” for more than 500 Valley students in kindergarten through eighth grade.

For many students in attendance, the show will be their first opportunity to witness a theatre production and their first visit to a University campus.

The production is an adaptation of the timeless children’s story by the Grimm brothers in which a prince turned frog must find a pure and honest woman to break the spell. The classic fairytale is given a contemporary sensibility adapted by David Mamet and directed by J. Daniel Herring.

In a distant forest, a young prince (Adam bin Zakaria, a Fresno State graduate) falls under the spell of a mysterious peasant woman (Arium Andrews, Fresno State theatre arts major) after picking flowers. Transformed into a frog, the prince attempts to befriend a young milkmaid (Karina Rodriguez, Fresno State theatre arts major) with the help of his loyal page (Patrick Regal, Fresno State theatre arts major), in an attempt to break the spell. What ensues is a journey of self-discovery and independence, and the portrayal of the importance of friendship.

“I was initially interested in this play because of how playful the prince could be portrayed for younger audiences. But, more importantly, I was drawn to the depiction of the strong female character,” Herring said. “It is an honor to share theatre in our Central Valley schools, particularly in light of the limited funding for the arts in K-8. And being able to do so, while also portraying a lead female character who can be relatable to young girls as independent and with her own dreams, is all the more fulfilling.”

“The Frog Prince” is intended for all ages.

Due to limited seating in the Woods Theatre, seating will be on a first come, first served basis.

Parking is free for both shows on Saturday in parking lots on campus.

For more information, contact the box office at 559.278.2216 or