According to a new survey of the San Joaquin Valley conducted by the Institute for Leadership and Public Policy at Fresno State, 46 percent of respondents worry that they or someone they know could be deported. Minority groups were more likely to report being concerned about deportations. Sixty-eight percent of Latinos and 33 percent of non-white, non-Latinos, which includes blacks and Asians, expressed concern that they could be personally affected by more deportations. In comparison, only 21 percent of whites are concerned that they or someone they know may be deported. Fear over deportations was also divided along party lines. A strong majority of Democrats, 63 percent, expressed concern about deportations, while only 16 percent of Republicans did. Forty-seven percent of Independents, or those who express no party preference, worry about someone they know being deported. INFO: Dr. Jeff Cummins, co-director of the Institute for Leadership and Public Policy, at 559.278.6693; co-director Dr. Annabella España-Nájera (Spanish-language media) at 559.278.3020; or Dr. Lisa Bryant, survey director, at 559.278.7612 or 559.512.0124. See full release at (See also: “San Joaquin Valley adults weigh in on future of ‘Obamacare.” ).