Internet leader Milo Medin, former freshnan, to speak here Friday, 9/18

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Internet leader Milo Medin, former freshnan, to speak here Friday, 9/18

Milo Medin, a native of Fresno who formerly worked with NASA and was a leader in the development of the Internet, will speak at California State University, Fresno on Friday, Sept. 18.

Medin, who is now senior vice president, engineering and chief technical officer, of @Home Network, will discuss “Why the Internet Really IS Important” from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. in the Alice Peters Auditorium of the University Business Center.

The lecture, sponsored by the university’s School of Engineering and Computer Science and the Sid Craig School of Business, is geared towards students but is open to the public.

Originally from Fresno, Medin is a new member of Fresno State President John D. Welty’s new National Development Council, a group of alumni throughout the nation who will advise the university on special funding needs.

He was valedictorian for the McLane High School Class of 1981 and has a bachelor of science degree in computer science from the University of California at Berkeley.

As senior vice president of @Home Network, Medin oversees the development of the firm’s high-speed backbone. @Home’s performance-engineered scaleable network removes Internet “traffic jams” and enables true end-to-end management. The Network also employs replication and caching technologies intended to dramatically improve network efficiency.

Prior to joining @Home Network, Medin served as project manager at NASA Ames Research Center.

During his tenure, he directed the NASA National Research and Education Network project that, in combination with partners at Lawrence Livermore National Lab, deployed a high speed national ATM infrastructure connecting major supercomputing and data archiving centers.

He also supervised the primary west coast Internet interconnect network.

In addition, he pioneered the global NASA Science Internet project, providing network infrastructure for science at more than 200 sites in 16 countries and five continents, including Antarctica, and initially helped establish the TCP/IP protocol as an industry standard.

Before NASA, Medin held various positions at Science ‘Applications Inc., programming supercomputers for defense program activities at the Lawrence Livermore National Lab, and Los Alamos National Lab under contract to the Defense Nuclear Agency.

Additional information on @Home Network is available at its Website,

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