University commits to stronger fraternity guidelines

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University commits to stronger fraternity guidelines

Student Leadership & Greek Life Advisor Connan Campbell today issued the following statement:

Officials at California State University, Fresno have received reports from the City of Fresno and Fresno State police departments concerning incidents that occurred during the early morning hours of Sunday, Jan. 31, 1999.

The reports state that after receiving complaints from neighbors about noise from a party, Fresno Police officers responded to the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity house near the corner of Millbrook and Joyal. Police cited four (4) individuals for “minor in possession” and “drinking in public” and observed individuals in a physical altercation.

Details of these reports and some of the facts of the incidents are still unconfirmed or disputed, but it is clear that the fraternity’s party escalated beyond an acceptable level and resulted in inappropriate conduct by both fraternity members and their guests.

Based on these reports, the university has taken the following action:

• Contacted via telephone and in writing the international offices of the organizations involved: Lambda Chi Alpha and Delta Sigma Phi, the adjacent fraternity on Millbrook.

• Contacted alumni officials of those organizations.

• Discussed the incident with chapter officers of the organizations involved and requested a written statement from each regarding their involvement in the alleged incidents.

• Requested that the officers of each organization provide a report of their actions against individuals involved in particular incidents.

• Submitted a complete report to the national organizations of the incidents and activities that violated their risk-management and social policies.

A written warning is also being issued to the organizations and individuals responsible for inappropriate actions and policy violations.

In addition, the Division of Student Affairs at Fresno State will work cooperatively with the Interfraternity Council, Fresno State Police Department and Fresno Police officials to:

• Develop clear standards or “operating guidelines” for social functions, including requirements for licensed security and monitoring guest admission.

• Develop a more explicit process by which organizations notify police officials of social events.

• Monitor and assist the Interfraternity Council in their internal judicial proceedings against chapters that violate Council policies and procedures.

• Assist individual fraternities and sororities in disciplining members for inappropriate conduct through their own internal judicial proceedings.

• Enhance educational initiatives to promote responsible behavior and address alcohol and substance abuse.

The University will continue to support its Greek organizations and values the leadership opportunities and personal growth that they offer as part of the college experience. However, inappropriate conduct by individuals or organizations will not be tolerated and will severely jeopardize any fraternity’s or sorority’s status as a recognized group at Fresno State.