Disciplinary action has been taken by California State University, Fresno against a fraternity that hosted a party where an alleged sexual assault occurred involving two students early Sunday morning.

This afternoon, the university imposed an interim suspension on the Zeta Kappa chapter of the Sigma Nu fraternity pending investigation into the assault and other charges, said Robert Hernandez, judicial affairs officer of the Division of Student Affairs.

The fraternity was already on probation for other violations regarding alcohol in the past year, he explained. The interim suspension is effective immediately.

The Fresno Police Department is investigating the alleged sexual assault that reportedly occurred at the fraternity house off university property. Fresno police arrested Juan Ramirez, a Fresno State student and a member of Sigma Nu fraternity, early Sunday morning.

The victim’s name is protected by confidentially laws but University Police confirm that she is a student.

“Our first priority in this situation is to provide assistance and support to the victim,” Hernandez said.

The university will cooperate fully with Fresno Police as the allegation is investigated, he said.

Additionally, the university will conduct its own on-campus review with the victim’s consent to determine through the normal disciplinary process if university actions might be taken against the student.

Hernandez also said the university will review the fraternity’s actions in the matter to determine if any additional steps beyond the interim suspension are warranted such as terminating the fraternity’s relationship with the university.