New Park-by-Phone System Available at Fresno State

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New Park-by-Phone System Available at Fresno State

Park-by-Phone, a new online system that allows users to pay for parking in designated lots or metered stalls by making a quick telephone call, is operational at California State University, Fresno.

The new service offers visitors to the campus a no-hassle option to pay for parking, said Fred Martinez, parking coordinator at Fresno State.

The campus is the first venue in the country to implement the system, which was launched late last year. The company also has agreements with parking lot operators that have hundreds of lots and meters in Los Angeles, Denver, Atlanta and Puerto Rico.

“The big plus with Park-by-Phone is convenience,” Martinez said. “We’re adding a convenient option to pay for parking for people who come to Fresno State regularly or even occasionally.”

Students who usually buy one-day parking passes, visitors to the campus and people doing business at Fresno State will no longer need to search for correct coins or cash to pay for parking, Martinez said.

Park-by-Phone works like this: Individuals visit the company Web site,, sign up to become member for $5.95 a year and receive a placard with bar code for their dashboard or rearview mirror.

When members reach Fresno State, they call an 800-number, enter their member number and then enter the campus lot or meter number, which is posted on bright yellow signs in parking lots and on meters. If the number is recognized, Park-by-Phone automated attendant provides to the member the parking duration and fee that applies.

The member then enters his PIN number, and Park-by-Phone applies the charges to the user’s account. Fresno State’s one-day parking fee of $2 and meter fee of $1 per hour.

Park-by-Phone also allows members to remotely “feed the meter.”

“If you know your meter is about to expire, you can add time by calling Park-by-Phone or using its Web site,” said Martinez.

Members also can check to see up-to-date listings of the date, invoice, location and fee for all transactions on their account.

Martinez said Park-by-Phone returns 100 percent of the parking revenue generated to Fresno State. Members are billed automatically at the end of the month for all parking activity, plus a 10 percent convenience fee.

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