When: 10 a.m., Thursday, Feb. 5

Where: Fresno Convention Center — New Exhibit Hall

Who: Joel Diringer, Diringer and Associates

Dr. Kathleen Curtis, Central Valley Health Policy Institute at Calilfornia State University, Fresno

Cheryl McKinney Paul, Central Valley Health Policy Institute

Backgrnd: Diringer’s 1996 book “Hurting in the Heartland” described

for the first time the dire conditions of health in the San Joaquin

Valley, the richest agricultural valley in the world.

This new report, “Health in the Heartland: The Crisis Continues,” reviews the current status of health in the Valley and reports on the changes that have taken place over the past eight years.

Information: The news conference will be conducted during the 3rd Annual Central California Health Conference at the Exhibit Hall. The conference is expected to draw 600 health professionals, policy makers and students from throughout the region. See the conference program and agenda at: