Criminology and family counseling experts from California State University, Fresno are available this week for comment on various aspects of the mass murder case that occurred in Fresno on Friday (March 12).

For interviews with Fresno State faculty experts, contact Tom Uribes at (559) 246-1717. See updates and bio links at

Available from the Counseling, Special Education and Rehabilitation faculty of the Kremen School of Education at Fresno State:

• Dr. Juan Garcia — Fresno State clinical psychologist and licensed marriage and family therapist who specializes in treatment and counseling of fathers including court-ordered counseling services involving family violence and parenting issues. He has worked in such settings as day treatment for the severely mentally ill, community mental health, alcohol and drug programs and Family Court. He is the director of the Fresno Family Counseling Center, a community-based collaborative project sponsored by Fresno State’s Kremen Education School to provide low-cost counseling services to children in Fresno Unified School District. He also, along with Fresno State alumnus Rogelio Sanchez, operates ASI Counseling Services a local agency that develops and provides domestic violence services to the Spanish-speaking. Sanchez, who specializes in domestic violence and anger management issues, is also available.

Fresno State Criminology professors available are:

• Dr. Eric Hickey — criminology, mass murders, serial murders, profiling. Frequent expert for major national and international news media on such cases as the Washington D.C. snipers, Laci Peterson double murder, and a former consultant to the FBI’s UNABOM Task Force. A criminal behavior professor with several books, he has considerable field experience working with the criminally insane, psychopaths, sex offenders and other habitual criminals. Dr. Hickey appears as an expert in a new television series, Predators.

• Dr. Harvey Wallace — criminology, law enforcement, victimology, family violence including research on satanic cults. Author of: family Violence — Legal, Medial and Social Perspectives” (3rd Edition). He also previously served as city attorney for the City of Fresno and as a media lawyer.

• Dr. Harald Otto Schweizer — criminology, police tactics, methods, international police systems.

• Dr. Steven D. Walker — criminology, victimology services and counseling (in this case: police and family members as victims).

• Dr. Arthur V.N. Wint– criminology, victimology services (victim offender reconciliation)

Fresno State’s criminologists returned Sunday from the Academy Of Criminal Justice Sciences Conference in Las Vegas. They are preparing to announce this week plans to host the 2006 World Society of Victimology Symposium on Victimology in Fresno.

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