NOTE: See the San Francisco Chronicle Magazine feature article on the Fresno State viticulture and enology program through links at

The Fresno State Winery earned another major distinction Sunday (Dec. 5) when it was featured in that day’s San Francisco Chronicle Magazine. Links to the article. “Wine School Wars” are available through

The actual magazine was an insert in the regular newspaper edition that was available on local newsstands on Sunday but is due to be available separately for purchase in the Kennel Bookstore by Wednesday, said store manager Ron Durham.

“The magazine itself makes a great coffee table piece,” Durham said. “In addition to showcasing Fresno State’s top quality academic program including some great photography, it presents the Chronicle’s Top 100 Wines as well as ideas on pairing wines and food.”

The story was written by Linda Murphy, wine editor for the San Francisco Chronicle, who visited the campus in June and sent a photographer in September. She examined what she called two of the best enology programs in the country: UC Davis and Fresno State competing in the “Great American Wine School War.”

Also available at is the latest news about the winery and its campaign in marketing and production.

The Chronicle feature is another in a series of major media pieces, coordinated by the university’s Office of University Communications.

Earlier this fall, the program was featured in Sunset Magazine and in recent years it received international recognition in the Los Angeles Times (2003) and the PBS’s California Heartland (2001).

The university press release issued Dec. 3 details the announcement by the winery that the award-winning wines are now available in the prestigious Vino Wine Stores in the Bay Area as well as Costco and several other retail outlets.

Also featured in the press release is the appointment of Garrett Jones as marketing director and John Gianinni as winemaker, both working under winemaster Ken Fugelsang.