Cynthia Teniente-Matson — Committee Chair Vice President for Administration — Fresno State

Dr. Michael Botwin

Chair, Academic Senate, and Faculty Member, Psychology Department — Fresno State

Pat Hill

Head Coach, Football — Fresno State

John Kriebs

Assistant Athletics Director, Facilities Operations — Fresno State

Rebecca Malmo

Head Coach, Women’s Equestrian Team — Fresno State

Desiree Reed-Francois

Associate Athletics Director/Compliance & Student-Athlete Services/SWA — Fresno State

Eric Sanders

Academic Advisor, Athletic Student Services — Fresno State

John Wallace Community Member*

*Corrected version — earlier version incorrectly indentified Wallace as a Fresno State alumnus.

EEOC Designee Emogene Carson Administrative Assistant, College of Health & Human Services — Fresno State

Staff Support

Pat Tift

Administrative Assistant, Office of the VP for Administration — Fresno State