There is a misunderstanding regarding an event on campus last November. A student group believes that there was inappropriate surveillance of a public event. There have been meetings between university officials and members of the group to provide information and clarify the situation and that dialogue will continue.

The university has informed the campus group that there was no surveillance, but rather the university did have three plainclothes university police officers to ensure safety at the public event.

The campus routinely uses both plainclothes and uniformed officers at many on campus events to protect safety.

The university does not and will not engage in surveillance of university activities using undercover police officers. Should such surveillance be determined to be necessary by any law enforcement agency it is expected that the University President or his designee will be notified of the need for such surveillance.

Our campus police always work to ensure safety for all involved (speakers, guests and students) and to maintain an environment that allows the free expression of ideas.