Maddy Institute to host Fresno County debates on KSEE-24

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Maddy Institute to host Fresno County debates on KSEE-24

Debates featuring candidates running for Fresno County sheriff and for Fresno County superintendent of schools will be hosted by the Maddy Institute at California State University, Fresno and televised from 8 to 9 p.m. Friday (May 26) on KSEE-24.

All the candidates have agreed to participate in the debate, which comes less than two weeks before the June 6 primary.

Mark Keppler, executive director of the Maddy Institute, will be joined in questioning the candidates by Pete Weber, chair of the Fresno Citizens for Good Government, and Mary Savala from the League of Women Voters. Rich Rodriguez, KSEE-24 news anchor, will moderate the debate.

“One of goals of the Maddy Institute is to encourage participation in the democratic process,” said Don Jackson, institute chair. “Knowing the candidates’ positions increases interest and encourages voting. We are grateful to Channel 24 for providing these candidates the opportunity to make their positions known.”

Todd McWilliams, KSEE general manager, said, “As the Central Valley’s news station, our belief is that we need to inform and educate the community on these key political races. This comprehensive debate will enable viewers to make sound decisions on June 6.”

News director Michael Espinoza noted that instead of hearing a “sound bite,” viewers will be able to watch a program that gets to “the real issues of a local political race.”

The Kenneth L. Maddy Institute at California State University, Fresno was established in 1999 by the California Legislature to honor State Sen. Ken Maddy, whose 28 years of public service demonstrated the successful application of personal integrity, legislative know-how and bipartisanship in the governance of California.

The Maddy Institute’s mission includes providing nonpartisan, interdisciplinary and fact-driven analysis of public-policy issues affecting our region and state. The institute also provides practical training for local officials and civic leaders, fellowships for Fresno State students with local state and federal legislators, as well as symposia and extension courses on a range of topics relating to public policy and public administration.

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