The need for new study spaces around campus to make up for areas unavailable during the Henry Madden Library renovation has led to an enticing landscaping project in the Agriculture Building courtyard, known as the “horseshoe,” at California State University, Fresno.

The U-shaped building’s old courtyard was a utilitarian green space prone to flooding in rainy years.

The area was re-engineered and graded to include two large planting areas, some trees, numerous flowering plants, pathways, tables and chairs, a sculptured lawn area and an arbor, designed by students. There are computer labs adjacent to the courtyard, where students can link to the Internet with a wireless connection.

The courtyard now is an attractive outdoor space for students to study that also is a haven for a few moments of relaxation. The space will be available for study and contemplation well beyond the time it will take to open the expanded library in late 2008.

Supplies and services for the project were donated by the Dean’s Office of the College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology, the Center for Irrigation Technology at Fresno State, the Fresno State Nursery, the Agriculture Operations department and Dr. Arthur Olney, professor emeritus of plant science.

A dedication ceremony for the courtyard will be held in the fall.

(Copy by University Communications student-intern Megan Jacobsen.)