What better way to cap the first week of classes than to attend the season-opening home football game?

The Bulldogs will take on Sacramento State at 7 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 1 in Bulldog Stadium.

With summer’s heat lingering, school officials warn that warm temperatures may be an issue while fans watch the ‘Dogs play.

To help beat the heat, cooling stations are located on the northeast and northwest sides of the stadium where cooling fans and water are provided.

In addition to helping fans keep cool, the University Police Department has stepped up its medical aid response preparation for the stadium. While all sworn police officers are required to be CPR certified, the University Police Department has increased its training for officers to include first aid and use of an automated external defibrillator. An AED is a portable unit that sends an electric shock through the chest to the heart to start the heart beating effectively again. Defibrillation given as soon as possible is the key to helping some victims survive cardiac arrest.

Traffic officer Mervin Roman led the effort in the new training, researching requirements, purchasing equipment, becoming a trainer and then teaching UPD officers first aid and use of the AED.

Roman and traffic officer Rick Reyes will be assigned to roam the stadium bowl and quickly assist fans who may need medical attention. As always, American Ambulance crews also will be stationed on the scene.

Media questions about the University Police Department’s medical assistance in Bulldog Stadium should be directed to Amy Armstrong 278.6709.