The renovation of the Madden Library is well under way. Over the course of the summer the four-story steel structure was erected and now provides the new and returning campus population with a stunning visual surprise.

Construction will continue throughout the academic year, with the renovation and construction complete in fall 2008.

Construction noise levels are being monitored by Environmental Health and Safety to ensure that good practices are followed. All efforts are being made to reduce construction noise.

The steel beams are in place, and the crane has left the campus. Manual work continues on the steel structure, fireproofing material is being applied to the interior beams, and steel framing of the interior has begun.

Concrete floors are being poured. The installation of the prefabricated concrete walls will begin in the fall followed by the glazing. The outer shell of the building will be in place before the end of the year, and then the interior finish work will begin.

For more information and links to Webcams viewing library construction, see

Media questions about the Madden Library construction project should be directed to Shirley Armbruster at 278.5292.