Peter Robertson – Three Fresno State degrees, one grateful heart

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Peter Robertson – Three Fresno State degrees, one grateful heart

Peter Robertson describes his Fresno State educational experience as a challenging journey. Working two jobs, sometimes three, Peter paid for his tuition, books and parking fees on his own while going to school.

There was research, writing and the revising of papers, and there was once even a threat of academic probation his very first semester. However, as challenging as it may have been, he fought through it.

Today, Robertson is the director of Annual Giving at Fresno State. His position is part of the Campaign for Fresno State, which is the largest fundraising effort in the university’s nearly 100-year history. The campaign supports the university’s overall academic excellence, raises new funds to further faculty research and builds academic programs and facilities to provide greater learning opportunities for Fresno State students.

He has three degrees from Fresno State: a bachelor’s in 1992, a master’s in 1995 and a master’s in business administration from the Craig School of Business in 2005.

“Initially, Fresno State filled a tremendous void in my life,” Peter said. “An opportunity to obtain a higher education that was well-rounded and affordable. And three degrees later, I could not be more grateful and thankful to what Fresno State has provided me.”

As an MBA student, Robertson founded the Bulldog Pride Fund in spring 2005. The endowment’s mission is to provide annuity-generated scholarships to students attending Fresno State. Since its establishment, donations have surpassed $152,000.

“It has been heartfelt and miraculous to see the students that I had wanted to make a difference in, now making a difference in my life.”

In addition to the Bulldog Pride Fund, last spring Robertson spearheaded the “I Am Fresno State” video project, which gained national attention and recently inspired similar projects like “I Am Starbucks” and “I Am CNBC.”
The project involved a competition in which students submitted short videos incorporating the theme “I Am Fresno State” utilizing a Web portal with two free platforms – the social networking site and the video-sharing site YouTube.

“This project encompasses the idea that all of us are connected to Fresno State in some form or fashion and it ultimately provides each of us a unifying voice.”

With three degrees under his belt, two successful projects and one simple passion of sharing his Bulldog love, Robertson is now looking towards the future. Continually wanting to grow personally and professionally, his thirst for knowledge is still there.

“There is so much that we, as individuals, can do to support projects that are close to our hearts,” he said. “Leading by example for others is vital when giving and asking others to give time, talents and treasure. We need to continue to utilize new and innovative ways to connect and engage our alumni. It is a mix of science and art, or art and science. A little luck helps, too.”

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