California State University, Fresno student Punit Dhesi received second- and third-place awards in the Music Video competition at the 2009 Media Arts Festival sponsored by the California State University Summer Arts program.

Dhesi is a junior mass communication and journalism major at Fresno State. There were 171 entries in the 2009 competition in nine categories, with 30 finalists chosen by the judges as finalists for the festival awards program at California State University, Fullerton.

The CSU Media Arts Festival allows students in the California State University system the opportunity to be in professional competition, helping students transition from producing films, video and interactive media in college classes to related industries. In 2008, Dhesi placed first in Music Video.

CSU Summer Arts is an annual program of classes in which master performers in visual, performing, musical, speech, computer and other art forms teach students and appear in public performances.

The program has been hosted at Fresno State the past 11 Julys.

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