Several hundred students, faculty, staff and community members gathered in the California State University, Fresno Peace Garden for a week-early celebration of the Cesar E. Chavez state holiday (March 31).

Remarks by Chavez’s 24-year-old grandson, Anthony Chavez, and Peace Garden driving force Dr. Sudarshan Kapoor, a professor emeritus of social work education, were highlights of the event, which included music and dance.

The ceremony concluded as Kapoor and Anthony Chavez climbed into position to place a garland of red carnations around the neck of the bronze statue of the late farm labor leader in the garden. Then participants lined up and were handed carnations to place at the base of the statue before they filed by Anthony Chavez to shake hands and say a few words.

Fresno State’s Chavez Holiday celebration was held on Wednesday, March 24, because the university will be on spring break during the official holiday.