CSU and California Faculty Association continue bargaining

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CSU and California Faculty Association continue bargaining

The California State University and California Faculty Association continued negotiating over a new contract Sept. 23-24.

According to Bill Candella, CSU senior director of collective bargaining, the CSU gave the CFA its full proposals on Article 12- Appointments, Article 15 – Evaluation, Article 29 – Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERP), Article 35 – Outside Employment, and Article 38 – Layoff. The CFA did not present any proposals or counterproposals at either bargaining session.

Candella said highlights of the CSU’s proposals are as follows:

Article 12 – Appointments: The CSU has proposed changes to the way temporary faculty are appointed and assigned work, to provide what CSU believes would be greater procedural clarity, and the creation of a procedural framework that would better serve the CSU’s ability to deliver its mission and maintain the quality of student instruction.

CSU’s proposal continues to support the use of three-year appointments for temporary faculty, along with their priority in the assignment of temporary faculty work. However, eligibility for such appointments would now require a recommendation for appointment following a performance review and a separate evaluation for re-appointment.

Article 15: Evaluations: The CSU is proposing changes that would give campuses the ability to modernize their evaluation processes through the use of new technology, and to provide what it believes would be greater procedural clarity throughout the article.

Article 29: Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERP): CSU has not proposed any changes to the period of FERP. CSU’s limited proposal was primarily intended to reassert the CSU’s longstanding interpretation of the calculation of a FERP member’s timebase within Article 29. 6.

Article 35: Outside Employment: To directly respond to a state audit finding, the CSU is proposing that faculty disclose outside employment on at least an annual basis or at the time of appointment to the outside employment.

Article 38: Layoff: CSU provided a counter proposal on Article 38.

CSU bargaining updates can be found at:http://www.calstate.edu/LaborRel/Contracts_HTML/bargaining_updates.shtml