Prospective undergraduate students have until midnight Tuesday, Nov. 30, to submit applications for admission to Fresno State and other California State University schools for the fall 2011 term. Students wishing to apply to the CSU for admission to that term must submit their applications no later than midnight on Nov. 30 via

By taking advantage of the fall priority application period, students can learn of any supplemental admission criteria, receive information about the university and initiate a relationship with their prospective campus.

The fall 2011 application cycle opened on Oct. 1 and to date the CSU has received over 367,000 applications. During last year’s fall application cycle, the CSU received approximately 609,000 applications, the highest total ever.

In addition to upcoming deadlines, students are strongly encouraged to be proactive in the application process and be aware of any specific campus requirements.

Students intending to apply for fall should visit the website to complete the online application. As the final week of the fall priority application period is often the busiest time of the year for, technical assistance is available throughout the week by contacting the help desk at (800) 468-6927

Prospective students should also visit CSUMentor for the most up-to-date information regarding the few campuses that may continue to accept applications past Nov. 30.