The Small Communities Network is holding a workshop, Friday, Feb. 25, at Livingston City Hall in Merced County to introduce California State University, Fresno’s Rural Development Center (RDC).

The interactive day begins at 9:30 a.m. with registration, followed by a daylong workshop designed to shape the Rural Development Center’s future. The center is a consortium of partner organizations dedicated to providing technical assistance and capacity-building to small cities and unincorporated communities in the San Joaquin Valley and adjacent foothills.

The recent economic downturn and a lack of investment have left many of the region’s small and rural communities with depleted resources to carry out projects essential to the overall quality of life of their residents.

“With the Rural Development Center, rural communities now have a menu of service providers that are committed to assisting them with their community needs,” said Ismael Herrea, project manager at the Office of Community and Economic Development at Fresno State. “The variety of choices is what gives the Rural Development Center its appeal.”

The workshop will introduce the RDC partners and the members of the Small Communities Network, a consortium of small and unincorporated rural communities throughout the Valley sharing resources, information and expertise to solve each others’ challenges.

The Rural Development Center at Fresno State is a consolidated one-stop clearinghouse that provides access to technical assistance and project management services for a variety of community needs. The center connects its communities to on- and off-campus expertise and resources to meet community needs efficiently, effectively and affordably.

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