The Smittcamp Family Honors College at California State University, Fresno has admitted its 13th class of high-achieving high school graduates for the 2011-12 academic year.

Honors College students receive an annual President’s Honors Scholarship for their undergraduate degree program up to a maximum of eight semesters. Scholarships cover in-state registration and fees and an optional credit for university housing.

The Smittcamp Family Honors College is unique in the California State University system because President’s Scholars are admitted as a group, take a series of specially designed honors courses and interact in educational and social activities. Applicants must score 1800 or above on the SAT, be in the upper 10 percent of their graduating class or have a minimum 3.8 GPA in college preparation classes.

The Smittcamp Family Honors College began in 1998 with a $1 million gift from Earl and Muriel Smittcamp and family, prominent agribusiness leaders and longtime supporters of Fresno State.

The 2011-12 Smittcamp Family Honors College President’s Scholars and their high schools are:

  • Haleema Alyafaie of Fresno (Clovis West)
  • Meghan Anderson of Arroyo Grande (Arroyo Grande)
  • Sean Arifin of Fresno (University)
  • Kari Ball of Fresno (Clovis West)
  • Jillian Bertolucci of Fresno (Clovis North)
  • Owen Bethke of Fresno (Fresno)
  • Joseph Bohigian of Clovis (Buchanan)
  • Carlie Bruce of Clovis (Clovis)
  • Oshea Carter of Clovis (Clovis East)
  • Fabian Casillas of Hickman (Hughson)
  • Michael Conway of Hanford (Hanford)
  • Jaime Cook of Clovis (Sierra and Beaver River Central, N.Y.)
  • Amanda de Lima of Tulare (Tulare Union)
  • Renan de Lima of Tulare (Tulare Union)
  • Cassandra DeWitt of Clovis (Clovis)
  • Shaelin Dougall of Santa Maria (Righetti)
  • Robin Draper of Fresno (San Joaquin Memorial)
  • Jacob Ellis of Fresno (Clovis North)
  • Lauren Fernandez of Fresno (Bullard)
  • Megi Hakobjanyan of Fresno (Clovis West)
  • Stacy Han of Fresno (Clovis West)
  • Kelsey Heater of Clovis (Buchanan)
  • Kassandra Hishida of Fresno (Bullard)
  • Kum Su Hwang of Fresno (Clovis West)
  • Philip Kingsford of Visalia (Redwood)
  • Kristin Lacey of Merced (Golden Valley)
  • Gabriela Larralde of Clovis (University)
  • Simone Leighty of Fresno (Buchanan)
  • Brett Leonardo of Clovis (Logos Christian Conservatory)
  • Kaitlyn Martin of Fresno (Central-West)
  • Jonathan Meza of Fresno (Edison)
  • Jillian Millares of Clovis (University)
  • JoeAngel Miramontes of Merced (Merced)
  • Sara Molina Cavazos of Hanford (Hanford)
  • Carlos Moreno of Fresno (Edison)
  • Taryn Morita of Fresno (Clovis West)
  • Aubrey Muzio of Fresno (University)
  • Chiara Nardocci of Fresno (Clovis)
  • Stephanie Okada of Palmdale (Paraclete)
  • Adrienne Olaivar of Clovis (Buchanan)
  • Mathew Peranick of Fresno (Clovis West)
  • Lucca Petrucci of Madera (Madera South)
  • Miguel Santos of Hesperia (Hesperia)
  • Zachary Smith of Fresno (Bullard)
  • Abijit Suprem of Clovis (Buchanan)
  • Alexander Tran of Fresno (Clovis West)
  • Michael Ward of Fresno (Bullard)
  • Ian Whiting of Fresno (Edison)
  • Eryn Worthing of Bakersfield (Highland)
  • Shayan Zoghi of Fresno (University)

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