A team of Fresno State marketing students completed what is believed to be the world’s largest chocolate mousse. At 11 a.m. this morning they reached their goal of 500 pounds. Working at the Fresno Rescue Mission, the students passed the standing world record of 313 pounds, set in France in 2010. The team will submit their claim to Guinness World Records for verification, which takes 4-6 weeks. Two additional teams will attempt more world records on Saturday, Dec. 1, in downtown Clovis. At 10 a.m. they will attempt to make the world’s largest cup of lemonade and at 8:15 p.m. will attempt to organize the world’s largest dessert party. Both events are held in conjunction with the Children’s Electric Christmas Parade in Clovis.   INFO:  Rachel M Schilling at 805.794.0305 or Largest Chocolate Mousse. Original press release: Marketing students take on four world records this semester.