Fresno State has installed new interpretive signage that provides additional descriptive text about special points of interest on the campus grounds such as the Peace Garden where the first of seven signs was unveiled today.

In addition to the Peace Garden, signs now identify the Memorial Court and Fountain, the Native Plant Garden near the Madden Library, the Table Mountain Rancheria Tower and the LED Digital MediaMesh (on north side of building facing Peace Garden).

The final two – in the Rose Garden at the east end of Memorial Court and the Submarine Veterans Memorial on the Maple Mall south of the Satellite Student Union — will be installed later this month. 

Impact Design Associates of Culver City, created the signs using a laser-etching process, on locally-quarried Sierra White and Academy Black granite from Raymond. In some areas, the signs are accompanied by two granite benches.  

The interpretive signage is the first phase of the campus’ upcoming wayfinding signage project also designed by Impact Design Associates that will replace existing gateway and other signage currently on campus.

The next major phase will be installation this summer of new 22-foot by 6-foot monument gateways installed at three locations: on the northwest corner of Maple Drive at Shaw, at Cedar and Barstow and at Cedar and Shaw. On the northeast corner of Maple and Shaw, a 25-foot tall sprout sculpture will be erected.

Project manager Tom Gaffery said that changes to the campus’ other entrances at Shaw and Woodrow, Shaw and Cedar, Cedar and Bulldog Lane, Barstow and Chestnut will start this summer through  the fall.

The Campus Identity and Exterior Wayfinding Comprehensive Sign Program at Fresno State will enable visitors and users to find parking and navigate through campus streets, open spaces and sidewalks to their destinations. There will be detailed signs at parking lot entrances and pedestrian signs.

“The new sign system will enhance the campus aesthetic and capture the University core values to create a pleasant visitor and user experience,” Gaffery said.

He explained that the visual elements of this wayfinding and campus identity system were chosen to convey the close ties that Fresno State has with the community through agriculture, nature, native history, programs and education. Over the past year there have been various channels of consultation with the campus community, including several open forums.

The project cost $2.1 million, partially covered through a $10 million donation from the Table Mountain Rancheria.

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