Fresno State’s Henry Madden Library has been ranked No. 25 in a listing of the “amazing” top 50 college and university libraries in the nation by College Rank, a ranking service for colleges and universities that uses data regarding student opportunities, prestigious collections, architecture and historical note.

Kevin Shull, the article’s author, pointed out noteworthy features, including the design by AC Martin and Partners, Native American basket weaving elements, 1.13 million volumes in 335000 square foot space — making it the largest single-building campus library in the California State University system (San Jose State library is larger but is also a public library) — and the largest installation of compact shelving on one floor in the United States amounting to over 20 miles.

“There are scores of amazing college and university libraries in the United States,” Shull said. “Narrowing to 50 libraries was not an easy task. These 50 libraries are all true stand outs in multiple areas.”

Fresno State’s library opened in 1911 when Fresno State Normal School was established and was remodeled in 2009.

It ranked higher than libraries at the University of Southern California, New York University, Princeton University, John Hopkins University and Yale University.

Last week, the 1,000,000th person this academic year (beginning July 1) passed through its doors – a week earlier than last year’s one-million milestone, said Dr. Peter MacDonald, dean of Library Services.

For more information on, contact: Kevin Shull at: 614.256.2077 or or for Madden Library, Dave Tyckoson, associate dean of Library Services, at 559.278.2403.

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