“The Governor’s revision to the proposed 2020-21 State Budget is sobering although not unexpected, given the current ongoing public-health crisis. While this initial revision will guide our budget planning for next fiscal year, we will not know the final state-budget allocation to the California State University system until early fall, due to the State delaying its assessment of tax receipts until August.

“We are grateful the governor’s May Revision maintains Cal Grants for college students, including the grants for students with dependent children established last year. Continuing this initiative to prioritize affordability and access will be critical as more workers return to higher education and job training after losing a job.

“In the meantime, as explained previously, the COVID-19 pandemic has already affected Fresno State and its auxiliary organization budgets, including a significant loss of revenue in areas such as dining, housing, parking, athletics, Save Mart Center and other auxiliary operations, for an approximate $13M loss of revenue for the current fiscal year.

“The University has already taken several proactive steps to reduce expenses in the midst of this crisis, including pausing events and travel, and halting non-critical searches for new hires. In addition, I have asked each vice president to develop a budget reduction plan for fiscal year 2020-21 in anticipation of more clarity around state funding in the coming months.

“Based on the preliminary number of returning students who have registered for courses in the fall and those who have accepted admission as new students, we remain optimistic about enrollment for the next academic year. Students and their families understand Fresno State offers a high-quality education at an affordable price — a valued and much-needed combination at this time.

“Due to the fluidity of the situation, including the extension of the enrollment deadline to June 1, exact enrollment data will not be available until the census is conducted a few weeks into the fall term.

“With more than 6,000 talented students preparing to graduate this week, it is clear that Fresno State will play a pivotal role in getting California’s economy back on track in the years to come. ”