Fresno State adamantly condemns sexual violence and investigates each reported case with diligence and care. Before we address a specific situation involving a survivor who has publicly expressed her reaction to the outcomes of her cases, we believe it is important to briefly explain the Title IX investigation process.

In accordance with California State University policies, the University conducts a Title IX investigation when allegations of sexual assault are brought forward involving students, faculty or staff. The University adheres to the following requirements for a Title IX investigation:

  • During an investigation, evidence is collected and analyzed by trained and impartial investigators according to CSU policies. 
  • Once the investigation report is final, a hearing is conducted by a trained, independent (non-CSU) Hearing Officer. 
  • After the hearing, the Hearing Officer makes written findings of fact and conclusions about whether the Respondent violated CSU policies, and makes a recommendation for a sanction, if they find a violation of policy. 
  • In cases where the Hearing Officer finds a violation of CSU policy, the University reviews the investigation report and the Hearing Officer’s report, and issues a decision concerning the appropriate action. 

To protect the privacy of the parties involved in Title IX investigations, the University does not comment on specific outcomes of the investigations. However, we can confirm that in all instances regarding this particular survivor, the University has applied its procedures equitably to all parties and has made the appropriate decisions regarding the sanctions for each case. The ultimate sanction may vary from case to case, depending on the individual witnesses, facts and circumstances. To provide due process to all parties, there is no automatic sanction for any one offense.  

The University remains committed to handling all Title IX cases equitably and fairly for all parties, consistent with applicable state and federal laws.