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  1. Choose e-card design
  2. Type your name and your Zimbra email.
  3. If you’re sending to a group (public Fresno State listservs), put the group’s email name into the Receiver’s E-Mail field (i.e. as, fill out the required fields, add your personal message and preview your card before sending it.
  4. If you’re sending to multiple addresses, fill out the required information and insert your own Zimbra email address into the Receiver’s E-mail field. Once you receive the link to the card, you can forward it to multiple recipients from your Zimbra email program.
    • You can add the e-card image as part of your email and link it to the actual e-card so that your personal message can be viewed. To do this, right-click on the original image and save to your computer. When creating your new email, insert the image into the email and add the link to your card.
    • (Note: since the images in Zimbra are not visible unless “Display Images” is on and images do not meet accessibility requirements, we recommend keeping the URL as text in addition to the linked image.)

*Some email systems might treat your greeting message as spam, so forwarding from your email will be the best option.

If you have trouble selecting or sending your e-holiday card, call University Communications at 278.8595.

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