Marcel Garcia, a psychology major at California State University, Fresno, placed second in the undergraduate behavioral and social sciences category at the 20th annual California State University Student Research Competition last weekend at CSU, Channel Islands, in Camarillo.

Garcia, who will graduate May 20 with a B.A. in psychology, was one of eight students representing Fresno State in the competition.

His presentation on “Effects of Lexical Competition on Audiovisual Integration in Speech” is important to explore, Garcia wrote, “because of possible implications this research has in understanding how the representations of spoken words in memory affect not only auditory, but also audiovisual speech perception.”

Last month, he earned a first-place award for his oral presentation at the Central California Research Symposium held at University Business Center at Fresno State.

Others Fresno State participants in the CSU competition were Philip S. Abode, “Exploratory Study of the Relationship Between Strategy and Performance Among California’s Largest Unified School Districts”; Silvestre Aguilar, “Fermion Generations, Masses and Mixings in a 6D Brane Model”; Giuseppe Getto The Ethics of Critical Ethnography: Negotiating the Power dynamics of Collaboration”; David E. Lewis, “Discrimination of Dynamic Forces Using Cross Modal Matching: Do We Hear the Weight of a Ball?”; Maribel Moreno, “The Influences of the Arabic Language in Castilian”; Ivana Pavic, “A Hamilton-like Vector for the Special-Relativistic Coulomb Problem”; and Jose Ramon Llamas Toscano, “Supernumeraries of First and Second Order Rainbows.”

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