Fairview Management I, L.L.C., a newly organized Fresno-based private investment management company, has announced its initial closing for Bulldog Capital Partners I, L.P. (“Bulldog Fund”). The Bulldog Fund will invest in start-up and early stage companies located in the San Joaquin Valley.

The Bulldog Fund intends to seek additional capital commitments during the next few months in order to reach its goal of $2.5 million in total capital commitments. Investors in the Bulldog Fund include several prominent Fresno-area business leaders and the principal of Fairview Management I, L.L.C., R. Stephen Heinrichs.

“The Bulldog Capital Fund is the first early-stage venture capital fund to be formed in the Central Valley,” said Dr. Timothy Sterns, director of the Lyles Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Fresno State. “It is the third venture capital fund to start operations in the Central Valley in the past year.”

Heinrichs is a Fresno State alumnus and business development entrepreneur. He has lead several companies from concept stage to public company or successful merger and acquisition outcome. He is a director of a number of public companies.

The Bulldog Fund was created to support new companies that can benefit from the advantages of the excellent infrastructure, labor base, educational facilities and geographical location of the San Joaquin Valley. Fresno State, the Lyles Center and the International Center for Water Technology are all believed by Heinrichs to be fertile sources for new and creative technologies that can grow into successful companies that expand and remain in the Valley.

“We are pleased at the opportunity to work with these and other Valley communities of interest to provide capital to start-up businesses and to make the Valley recognized as an important region with respect to venture capital investment and the formation of new, successful companies,” said Heinrichs.

For information on the Bulldog Fund, contact Heinrichs at 775.691.2217 or RStephen356aol.com.

For information on the Lyles Center at Fresno State, please see the following Web site: www.lylescenter.com.