President John D. Welty has appointed a committee of community leaders, faculty, students and staff to coordinate planning for California State University, Fresno’s 100th anniversary in 2011.

Chairing the committee is Fresno County Superior Court Judge Robert Oliver, an alumnus who has served as a volunteer leader on numerous Fresno State boards. Oliver chairs the California State University, Fresno Foundation Board of Governors.

Centennial events will be designed to enhance pride in the university for everyone associated with Fresno State and provide an opportunity to promote the accomplishments throughout Central California and beyond.

Events are expected to begin around Vintage Days in spring 2010 and end with the university’s 2011 Commencement.

Fresno State was established as a normal school by the Legislature on April 10, 1910, dedicated to educate teachers and farmers in the San Joaquin Valley. The first class met Sept. 11, 1911, and Fresno State was the region’s only four-year public college until the late 1950s.

“The Centennial is a wonderful opportunity to look back at how Fresno State has adapted over the decades to the changing educational needs of our community as we develop a vision for the future,” said Oliver.

During the two years leading to the Centennial year events, Oliver wants the Centennial Leadership Committee to involve as many groups and individuals as possible who have a connection to the university.

“We have a long and proud history. Our university has touched literally hundreds of thousands of people. I’m excited – and so are the other committee members – to help share our story and motivate people to join us for Centennial events.”

The committee will plan and execute events for alumni and the community to celebrate the university’s past and showcase accomplishments. Historical information – some of it gathered by a history class from current and former students, faculty, staff and community members – will be compiled into a Centennial book.

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