The support poles are going up at a California State University, Fresno parking lot signaling progress in an $11.9-million partnership with Chevron Energy Solutions (NYSE: CVX) to install electricity-generating solar panels atop parking shelters for more than 700 vehicles.

Since the work began in March, drivers along Shaw and Woodrow avenues and people on campus have watched as the south part of parking Lot V was renovated.

Now, as the north portion of the lot’s asphalt surface is rebuilt, the pole work gives passersby more of an idea how the parking structures will be laid out. When this photovoltaic construction project is completed, the panels will be capable of generating up to 20 percent of the university’s electrical needs.

At the same time, the power and telecommunications network from the north side of Matoian Way is being extended through Lot V for cameras that will help provide security for the 10 shelters and for the information kiosks to be provided by Chevron Energy Solutions. This extension will be bored under the roadway, so Matoian will not need to be closed.

The construction work is scheduled through the summer with the goal of reopening Lot V by the time classes resume in late August.

A Webcam aimed at parking Lot V beams live images of the work. To view, go to