Dr. Richard Haas in front of “The Column” alongside President Welty and Dr. Andrew Rogerson (left), dean of the College of Science and Mathematics.

“The Column,” a bronze sculpture by Dr. Richard Haas, professor emeritus of biology at California State University, Fresno, was unveiled today in the Science II building on campus.

The sculpture is a four-paneled column illustrating major themes in biological science, touching on evolution, the fossil record, molecular biology and energy flow through aquatic ecosystems.

Haas was a professor of bio-science at Fresno State from 1969-1992, focusing on animal behavior, ichthyology, vertebrate natural history and general biology. He initiated courses in bio-ethics and human ecology and supervised training of secondary school science teaching-credential candidates.

He also was a consultant for with the World Health Organization, doing malaria research in India, Sri Lanka, Oman, Somalia, Ethiopia, Solomon Islands, Bulgaria, Russia, Egypt and Bolivia.

“The Column” stands in the lobby-student study area of Science II, on San Ramon Avenue just east of Maple Avenue.

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