Update: The drive through the Fresno State campus on Barstow Avenue is now a little smoother with one less stop sign. Drivers on Barstow no longer are required to stop at Price Avenue, a small street on the west end of O’Neill Park. The change was made to improve east-west traffic flow.

July 23, 2009 – Barstow Avenue reopens to through campus traffic

Barstow Avenue has been reopened on the California State University, Fresno campus from Cedar Avenue to Campus Drive upon the completion of construction work.

A deep dip at the intersection of Barstow and Cedar was regraded to make it shallower and disabled-access ramps on two corners were reconstructed since work began July 6.

In a separate project, stop signs on Barstow were removed at a T intersection with Price Avenue, on the west end of O’Neill Park. The stop sign on Price at Barstow will remain and a sign indicating “Cross Traffic Does Not Stop” has been installed.