The California Student Aid Commission is informing CSU campuses, including Fresno State, that Cal Grant fee awards will be adjusted to cover the CSU’s recent student fee increase of $672 per year. It had been previously announced that Cal Grant fee awards would cover a $306 fee increase adopted by the CSU Board of Trustees in May, but it had been unclear if the additional increase was to be covered. The total State University Fee increase of $978 will be offset dollar-for-dollar for all 62,600 Cal Grant A and B recipients attending the CSU.

“Many of California’s neediest students depend on Cal Grant awards to make college a reality,” said Allison G. Jones, CSU assistant vice chancellor for student academic support. “This increase means that CSU campuses can continue to provide low- and middle-income students affordable access to higher education.”

In addition to the Cal Grant, all 108,900 recipients of the CSU State University Grant will receive dollar-for-dollar fee offsets for 2009-10. Federal Pell Grant recipients will receive an increase of $619, and federal higher education tax credits will continue to help families cover expenses other than the State University Fee.

After factoring in all available sources of financial aid, CSU students from families making $75,000 or less pay no fees. Many other students, including those from families making up to $180,000, will qualify for financial aid and tax credits.

Questions on individual packages for Fresno State students can be directed to the Financial Aid office at 559.278.2182.