Mike Pronovost, Fresno State alumnus and project manager for the University’s DISCOVERe tablet program, was recognized last fall by the United Nations as one of the world’s top entrepreneurs under age 35.

As part of the honor, Pronovost was invited to address the U.N. at its headquarters in New York about youth entrepreneurial engagement. His company, Pronovost Technologies, was also promoted by NASDAQ on screens in Times Square.

Pronovost started his first technology company from his home while attending San Joaquin Memorial High School in Fresno. That company, Powerband, promised ultra-fast internet speeds. Pronovost graduated in 2008 and the following year founded Pronovost Technologies.

Pronovost has received numerous accolades, including an invitation to speak at the White House in 2011. He was named “Most Innovative Technology Company run by an under 30-year-old,” by Empact Showcase, and was recognized as “Most Successful Entrepreneur under the age of 30,” by Business Week Inc. and Forbes magazines.

During the visit to the U.N., Pronovost participated in meetings on the future and sustainability of technology and entrepreneurship. His accomplishments in the field of technology and his work in solving problems in rural areas were highlighted at the United Nations Economic Council Meeting. The Oct. 29 visit to the U.N. gave Pronovost the opportunity to communicate with foreign ambassadors who were seeking insight into how to use technology to solve real-world challenges.

“After discussing the needs of foreign countries, my hope is to continue the transfer of technology knowledge and new ideas to help grow and build a global technology infrastructure that promotes success and economic development worldwide,” Pronovost said.

As a result of his visit, Pronovost will be featured in a book distributed this spring to college students nationwide by the National CEO Organization. Pronovost authored a chapter of the book offering personal advice on time management, as well as insight on how he was able to successfully transition from a student to a professional career. The book is designed to be a tool to assist students in effectively managing a professional career or a new business while attending school.

For more information contact Pronovost at 559.278.7165 or mikep@csufresno.edu.


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(University Communications news intern Jodi Raley contributed to this report.)