Fresno State strives to create and sustain a safe campus environment and a welcoming atmosphere that supports and values all students, faculty and staff.

In the 2015-16 academic year the University made several advances to respond to the needs of the transgender community. Here is information about these initiatives:

  1. One aspect of creating a supportive environment is providing safe, accessible and convenient restroom facilities. There are currently five gender inclusive restrooms available across campus. The Facilities staff worked with the Cross Cultural and Gender Center to locate additional single-stall restrooms across campus that can be added as gender inclusive.
  2. Fresno State can now can issue a Fresno State ID card with any student’s preferred first and middle names.
  3. The University is implementing a mechanism to allow any student to have their preferred first and middle names listed on class rosters. Students can make the change through their portal and then it will be reflected in Blackboard.
  4. The Cross Cultural and Gender Center  has sponsored a variety of acclaimed speakers, panel discussions and programs to increase awareness about LGBTQ+ issues. The center works with the LGBT+Allies Network, United Student Pride and other organizations to support our students.
  5. The President’s Commission on Human Relations and Equity supports acceptance and fairness at all levels of the University and sponsors events, forums and webinars.

“Through discussions and conversations we have listened and learned more about our transgender students’ needs and concerns, and started pathways to address a number of important issues to better serve them and provide a culture of belonging for everyone,” said Frank Lamas, vice president for student affairs and enrollment management.

“Our mission at Fresno State is ‘to boldly educate and empower students for success.’ We care about meeting all our students’ needs and concerns,” Lamas said.

For more information about our gender programs and services please contact