Fresno State winemaker Matt Brain and viticulture and enology students will be crushing and processing wine grapes at 2:30 to 4 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 25, at the Fresno State Winery (2360 E. Barstow Ave.). The winery began its fall harvest in early August of 64 acres of wine grapes, including 10 varieties of white and red wine grapes that are managed year-round by staff and students. Fresno State is known as a leader among collegiate viticulture and enology programs, and owns the distinction of opening the nation’s first bonded, collegiate, commercial winery in 1997. Fresno State wines added 17 more awards from respected competitions in 2016 to give the winery more than 600 honors overall. The Fresno State Winery offers 18 types of red, wine, blush and specialty wines that are produced on campus and sold at the Gibson Farm Market and online. INFO: Cynthia Wood at 559.278.7135 or