Hard of hearing adults and their communication partners are being sought for an Interdisciplinary Psychosocial Group Audiologic Rehabilitation Program study at Fresno State. Known as IPGAR, the study will explore the role of communication self-efficacy on the quality of life for both hard of hearing adults and their communication partners, including spouse, partner, family member or friend. Participants must be between the ages of 30 and 85 years, have had a hearing evaluation within the past year and currently utilizing an amplification system such as a hearing aid, bone anchored hearing device or cochlear implant. Participation includes a pre-intervention program assessment, workshops for a series of evidence-based interventions, lectures, group discussions, communication strategies training and psychosocial exercises. A follow-up with an evaluation at a later date will address completion of goals. INFO: Dr. Stephen Roberts at 559.278.2422 or sroberts@csufresno.edu, or Dr. Nancy Delich at 559.472.9917 or ndelich@csufresno.edu.