Nearly three dozen Fresno State faculty members have joined 2,344 California college professors who signed an open letter to President Donald Trump calling for sustained action on climate change and urging the president to honor the country’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions as set forth in the Paris Climate Accord.

The action is in response to rumors of Trump planning to withdraw the U.S. from the agreement.

The letter urges Trump to honor the commitments set forth in the Paris Climate Accord and warns that “continuing to produce greenhouse gases at current rates will have catastrophic, unstoppable consequences for our environment, our economy and our country.”

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Sustained Action On Climate Change Letter – Fresno State signers

Emily M. Walter, Assistant Professor – Biological Sciences
Ulrike Muller, Associate Professor – Biological Sciences
Joshua Reece, Assistant Professor – Biological Sciences
Paul Crosbie, Professor – Chair, Biological Sciences
Fred Schreiber, Professor Emerita/Emeritus – Biological Sciences
Karen Chooljian, Lecturer – Biological Sciences
Amber Reece, Lecturer – Biological Sciences
Archana Mohan, Lecturer – Biological Sciences
Ruth Ann Kern, Associate Professor – Biological Sciences
Steve Blumenshine, Professor – Biological Sciences
Julie Constable, Lecturer – Biological Sciences
John Van Horne Constable, Professor, Biological Sciences
David Lent, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences
Katherine Waselkov, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences,
Larry Riley, Associate Professor – Biology
Hwan Youn, Associate Professor – Biology
Kerry Workman Ford, Lecturer – Earth & Environmental Sciences
Peter Van de Water, Associate Professor – Chair, Earth and Environmental Science
Alain Plattner, Assistant Professor – Earth and Environmental Sciences
Beth Weinman, Assistant Professor – Earth and Environmental Sciences
Alison Mandaville, Assistant Professor – Coordinator, English Education and Teacher Credentialing, English
Balaji Seth, Associate Professor – Program Director, Associate Professor and Industrial Technology
Douglas Singleton, Professor – Physics
Mark Somma, Professor – Political Science
Criss Wilhite, Lecturer – Founder, Applied Behavior Analysis Programs and Psychology
Lisa Nyberg, Professor – School of Education
Frederick Nelson, Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Liberal Studies, School of Education
Jerry D. Valadez, Adjunct Professor; Director – Central Valley Science Project; Board of Directors – National Science Teachers Association and School of Education
Sean Boyd, Lecturer – Social Sciences
Jennifer Randles, Assistant Professor – Social Sciences
Andrew Jones, Associate Professor – Social Sciences