Regarding tweets on Tuesday, April 17, by a Fresno State faculty member:

“Academic freedom is at the core of our University, something we promote and practice every day in our teaching, research and public service. I am a fervent supporter of academic freedom and its underlying principles, as defined by the First Amendment. This is the essence of our democracy. I recognize that in the exercise of free speech rights, individuals may present personal opinions in a provocative manner, and I also value the First Amendment rights of individuals, even when others may find the speech unpleasant and inappropriate.

I also recognize that people will have different opinions on the proper balance between freedom of expression and the responsibility to exercise it in a way that promotes constructive dialogue. We are constantly striving to get that balance right. That is where an academic institution such as Fresno State can be a leader in the Central Valley and beyond.”

Dr. Joseph I. Castro
University President, Fresno State