The U.S Department of Education awarded $1.7 million to Fresno State for its “REACHABLE” – Reimagine Educating: American Civics and History Academics for Better Learning and Engagement program. The “REACHABLE” program, which is happening this week at Fresno State, will foster professional development for 250 of Fresno’s high school teachers and learning experience for 500 Fresno high school students. Fresno Unified teachers who teach American history applied and were accepted for the program, will receive Fresno State credits, develop curriculum, and experience a paid, guided trip to Yosemite National Park. The program also offers students hands-on learning and research experience in American history and civics, along with a week-long on campus intensive workshop, and a three-day paid trip to Yosemite National Park. This week, the Congressional Academies for Students will travel to Yosemite June 16-18, following their day-long seminars June 11-15. Next week the seminars and trip for the Presidential Academies for Teachers will take place. INFO: For more information contact, Lucero Benitez at or 559.278.4381.