Fresno State and The Vineyards, an independent and assisted living community for seniors, announced a new partnership to allow residents to be acquainted with Fresno State, its students and the goals they share.

Fresno State has a long-lasting relationship with the local retirement community, having established a similar partnership with the Terraces at San Joaquin Gardens in 2014.

Many of the residents of local retirement communities are proud, loyal Fresno State alumni and supporters who visit Fresno State for tours and events numerous times a year.

Residents of both retirement communities toured the Fresno State farm in June and picked their own sweet corn to take home. The experience was just as sweet to them as the taste. Dr. Delina Halushka, a former Loyola Marymount professor who is now a resident at The Vineyards, said she is “very impressed with all that Fresno State has to offer. This partnership is a great way to connect the University with The Vineyards as well as connect the residents to students to share their knowledge and be resources for the students.”

Victor E. Bulldog III, Fresno State’s live mascot, also recently participated in the Alzheimer’s Association’s walk at The Vineyards and provided plenty of fun photo opportunities for residents.

At the Terraces at San Joaquin Gardens, residents have reinvented the meaning of being a senior citizen. About 15 of the residents are members of Fresno State’s Senior Dog Squad — a team of seniors ranging from 80 to 91 years old that is coached by Fresno State spirit squad members and performs at football and basketball games.

“We have had access to Fresno State through students and faculty, we’ve done tours and we’ve hosted various activities,” said Gloria Kunz, a resident at The Terraces. “We are thrilled to be able to combine with both young people and the faculty that serves the University.”