Dr. Ümit Kurt will teach The Armenian Genocide in Comparative Perspective as the 15th Henry S. Khanzadian Kazan Visiting Professor in Armenian Studies for the fall 2018 semester. The course will analyze mass killings, the forces that explain them and how one can best detect and prevent future genocides. During his time at Fresno State, Dr. Kurt will give three public lectures. The first,  “A Rescuer, an Enigma, and a Génocidaire: Cemal Pasha,”  will be held from 7:30 to 9 p.m. Sept. 21 at the Alice Peters Auditorium at Fresno State. Locations and dates for the other two lectures — “Proactive Local Perpetrators: Mehmet Yasin (Sani Kutluğ) and Ali Cenani” and “The Curious Case of Ahmed Necmeddin Bey: A Look into the Sociopolitical Climate in Aintab on the Eve of 1915” — will be announced soon. The Kazan Visiting Professorship was established through an endowment established by Henry S. Khanzadian Kazan. For more information on Kurt, visit the College of Arts and Humanities blog page. For more information about the public lectures, please contact the Armenian Studies Program at (559) 278-2669, visit the Armenian Studies Program website.