Several Fresno State faculty members are available to share their expertise on the 2018 midterm election, including key issues and topics important to voters.

These faculty experts can speak in general about campaigns and elections, both at the local and national level.

If you need assistance connecting with these experts, please contact University Communications at or 559.246.1717.

Dr. Lisa A. BryantDr. Lisa A. Bryant, assistant professor of political science


●       Campaigns and elections
●       Election sciences/election administration
●       Public opinion
●       Political behavior/participation, race and gender
●       Political communication and research methods

Bryant was recently interviewed for the Los Angeles Times and KQED.

Dr. Jeffrey CumminsDr. Jeffrey Cummins, professor of political science, 559.278.6693

(not available on weekends)


● American politics and public policy, including state politics and policy
● Public budgeting
● The presidency

Cummins was recently interviewed by the Associated Press.

Annabella Espana NajeraDr. Annabella España-Nájera, associate professor of Chicano and Latin American Studies

Spanish speaking

●       Latin American politics
●       U.S./Latino politics

Dr. Thomas HolyokeDr. Thomas Holyoke, professor of political science, 559.278.7580


  • Interest groups and lobbying
  • Social movement politics
  • Western water politics and policy
  • Legislative politics
  • Campaign finance

Holyoke was recently quoted in The San Francisco Chronicle and Mother Jones.

Dr. Nataliia KasianenkoDr. Nataliia Kasianenko, assistant professor of political science


●       Comparative politics
●       International relations
●       Russian and East European politics
●       Nationalism and identity

Dr. Melanie H. RamDr. Melanie H. Ram, department chair and professor of political science


●       International relations
●       Minority rights/discrimination/human rights in Europe, Roma
●       International human rights
●       International organizations
●       Non-governmental organizations; transnational advocacy

Dr. Everett A. Vieira IIIDr. Everett A. Vieira III, assistant professor of political science

Spanish speaking


  • Comparative politics (more international focus than U.S.)
  • International relations
  • Terrorism
  • Political violence
  • Civil war
  • Latin America
  • Human rights
  • Democratization
  • Qualitative methods
  • Politics of memory